According to agricultural experts, pomegranate orchards shall be carried out depending on the plant’s
needs. During irrigation, the age, productivity, temperature and humidity of the plant shall be focused.
Drip irrigation method-Irrigation water is directly supplied to the root system of the plant in the required
amount by means of continuous water ow from the pipeline using special drippers. Fertilizers are
provided by drip irrigation method. This method provides to supply fertilizers to the root system of the
plant. The drip irrigation method saves 2-5 times of the irrigation water, 1.5 - 2.5 times in electricity, and
20-50% of the fertilizer in terms of localization of fertilizers with irrigation water. This method also
improves the quality of the product in irrigation, and its production increases by 20-50%. Drip irrigation
systems include intake, ltration stations, trunk pipelines, distribution pipelines, and ultimately, water
releaser (digesters installed on the watering pipes). The application of drip irrigation method in the
areas of complex relief allows the quality care for trees in later stages. It also creates conditions for
regular and efcient use of irrigation water, regardless of seasons
Modern drip irrigation systems are regulated by electronic control. Much area is irrigated with less
water by drip irrigation method
Drip irrigation method ensures irrigation in irrigated areas without causing erosion, protection against
wind impacts in irrigation, stable level of groundwater levels, prevention of re salinization and equal
distribution of irrigation among plants. Thanks to this, the ploughed layer of the soil can be constantly
moistened at the level of capillary moisture, and the parts between the rows remain dry at this time that
in turn diminishes the weeds
As loss of water doesn’t occur from the surface of the soil through evaporation, there will be no cracks
in the soil crust and the soil structure will not be expose to debris. During drip irrigation, the soil
temperature is always higher in comparison with other types of irrigation and this will protect the plant
against frostbite and allow early harvesting. The tensiometers are used in the area of large
pomegranate orchards for irrigation. Tensiometer is a device determining the soil moisture content. This
device transmits the data to the database via the GSM network.