The Certificate of Origin

The Certificate is given by the Ministry of Economy.

  1. The Customer applies to the State Service with an application.

Application forms:

Legal entitiesPhysical entities

The documents below should be attached to the application

– A copy of State registration certificate if client is a legal entity.

– Physical person’s certificate of entrepreneurship in case client who is engaged in entrepreneurial activity without creating legal entity.

– A copy of contract (if available) between client and seller.

– A copy of contract or other documents confirming the receipt of the initial raw materials of exported products, semi-finished products or other materials participating in preparation of main product.

– The documents related to the limited percentage of the materials used if ad valorem share order applied the first four numbers of the commodity position on commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity in case whether initial raw materials of exported product, semi-finished products or other materials participating in preparation of main product.

– Receipt on payment of state tax for the Certificate of Origin.

  1. The application and other attached documents are accepted and considered.
  2. Application and attached other documents are registered in case of absence of any incompatibility or deficiency.
  3. The copies of application and attached documents are submitted to the Bureau for Expertise of Consumer Goods in order to define the origin country of product not later than 1 working day.
  4. Bureau accepts the documents and registers in special book.
  5. A contract concludes between Bureau and Client the services upon the services for examination of the origin country of the products and payment order is written to Client.
  6. Client pays for expertise services and presents the relevant bank document to the Bureau.
  7. Bureau expertise accuracy of origin country of product according submitted documents during 1 working day. The expertise process also examines availability of the exported goods and whether the technological process of the product is staged or it has necessary conditions for production.
  8. Two copies of expertise act are drawn up according to the results of the examination. One copy of act is submitted to the State Service on the same day.
  9. If the country of origin is identified according to the expertise act the State Service arranges Certificate of Origin per one day confirmed by the State Service’s seal and authorized person’s sign and presents to the Client.
  10. In case of impossibility of definition of the origin country of the product a written information is provided by the State Service not later than 3 working day after submission of application including the reasons.
  11. It is impossible to issue a Certificate of Origin the State tax is paid back according to the legislation.
  12. Client is provided a detailed report after presentation of application not later than 1 working day while any deficiencies and incompatibilities are discovered in documents.
  13. After repeated submission of documents by the customer, actions are carried out in accordance with the procedure specified in Paragraph 3 to 10 and upon the result decision on giving out (or refusal) of the Certificate of Origin.



Note: In order to obtain a Certificate of Origin in the regions, exporters must apply to the regional offices of the State Service. Expertise on identifying country of origin of goods is implemented by the regional offices of the Bureau and issuance of Certificate based on the results of the expertise is carried out by the regional offices of the State Service.