Phytosanitary Certificate

Certificate is issued by the State Phytosanitary Control Service based on the Ministry of Agriculture.

Procedure for obtaining Phytosanitary Certificate.

Phytosanitary Certificate is issued to the plant, fruit, vegetables and to the goods which are made of. To obtain a certificate exporter must apply to the State Phytosanitary Control Service and submit the following required documents.

✓State registration document

✓According to the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on State Duty check payment of 1 AZN for each transportation.

✓A document on description of the plant and plant products.

Phytosanitary quarantine inspection is carried out on the product after submission of the documents. A detailed phytosanitary quarantine inspection is carried out at first loading site in the air, sea and river parts, railway stations and other re-loading locations (during the formation of an export party). An internal quarantine certificate is issued in case of any mismatch of the goods. The internal quarantine certificate is issued in 2 copies: one is given to the owner of the goods and the other remains in the local quarantine service. The local body of the State Service  sends a notification about getting the internal quarantine certificate to the border Phytosanitary control station immediately exporting  the goods from the republic. The goods are visually quarantined while delivered to the border quarantine service and in case of any discrepancies the service issues a certificate (attachment 1) to each transport  in 2 copies. One is given to the applicant (cargo owner), and another copy is stored at the border Phytosanitary checkpoint of the state service. While exported  goods are shipped directly to foreign countries without discharge in Phytosanitary Control at the border, plant, plant products packaged, packed and transported to the transport facilities.

The State service structure prepares the Phytosanitary certificate in 3 copies which one is kept in the same structure and the other 2 are given to the applicant.  After delivery of cargo the applicant should give a copy of the Phytosanitary quarantine to the Phytosanitary control service and goes on after visual quarantine review in compliance with the Customs requirements without unload, division and mess up with other goods. If  transit plants and plant products in circulation in Azerbaijan Republic  are divided into parts, re-packed or combined with other loads appropriate phytosanitary measures are taken and if necessary is given a re-export Phytosanitary Certificate. The re-export Phytosanitary quarantine is issued in 2 copies which one is given to the product owner and the other to the appropriate  structure of State

Service Additions (Attachment 1)

Fitosanitar Nəzarət üzrə Dövlət Xidmətinin göstərdiyi xidmətlərin tarifləri

Service nameMeasure UnitTariffs

(AZN without value added tax)

1.Phytosanitary quarantine view of imported materilals in quarantine control
Seed material (all sorts), medical herbs.1 ton0,10
Plant products, fruits, vegetables, grain and cereals, tea, coffe, cocoa, dried fruits, spices and other products, manger and other technical cargos.1 ton0,03
Sugar and flour products1 ton0,01
All kinds of cut flowers, (decorative) flowers. And other plants1 ton0,03
Forestry materials1 m30,01
Hand luggage and baggageFrom 100 kg  to 1 ton0,10
2. Examination of samples taken from quarantine – controlled plant and plant products in quarantine expertise laboratory.1 sample0.60-0.90
3. Preparation of relevant documents Phytosanitary quarantine services for all kinds of plant and plant products.
·         Import  quarantine permission1 permit3,00
·         Phytosanitary certificate.

For one postageset0,20
1 hand bag (for passengers)set0,50
1 transport mean regardless of typeset1,00
4.Testing, examination and registration of pesticides, biological preparations and agrochemicals.1 document80.00

Attachment 2.

A sample of Phytosanitary  Certificate for Exportation