Pomegranate in cosmetology

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"Pomegranate in cosmetology"

The latest studies on pomegranate extract showed that, it can be one of the most powerful natural anti-wrinkle products, since it prevents formation of metalloproteinase1 enzyme that destroys collagen in mature skin. Furthermore, pomegranate extract increase production of pro-collagen by skin fibroblasts.

Moreover, pomegranate extract shows its anti-age effect thanks to the fact that, it contains excessively high concentrations of polyphenols which are powerful antioxidants and bind free radicals inducing signs of premature aging. The same property of pomegranate extract is successfully applied in pre- and post-tan protective products, since polyphenols significantly reduce negative effects of ultra-violet light on skin.

Fruits of pomegranate have prominent moisturizing effect on dry, tired and ill-colored skin. Extract of pomegranate peel nourishes and softens skin and makes it elastic. Presence of organic acids provides extract with lightening and scrubbing effect, giving healthy look to skin.

This extract is very effective for skin with impaired lipid barrier, also for dry, inflammatory and flaky skin, since it has ability to restore lipid barrier, to nourish, soften and calm inflammatory skin and skin with psoriasis and eczema manifestations.

Pomegranate extract, that is rich with phytoestrogens, vitamin C, calcium and iron, stimulates synthesis of collagen, improves microcirculation, has powerful antioxidant effect, moistures, softens and smoothes skin, removes inflammation and lightens pigment spots.

Thus cosmetic properties of pomegranate include:
- is anti-oxidative
- stimulates synthesis of collagen
- is moisturizing
- is lightening and smoothly scrubbing
- vitaminizes the skin
- is protective
- gives elasticity to skin
- narrows pores and is sebo-regulating
- restores lipid barrier of the skin
- removes flaking and irritation

Cosmetic use:
- in anti-age products
- in moisturizing products for dry and tired skin
- in lightening and scrubbing lotions
- in nutrient winter creams and sera
- in sunblock products and after-solarium skin care products
- in sera and healing creams for greasy and pimpled skin
- in hair shampoos, toners and masks

Uniqueness of pomegranate
Multiple pre-clinical studies have confirmed that, pomegranate flavonoids have prominent antioxidant and inhibiting-certain enzymes properties, thanks to which extracts of various parts of plants and their combinations may serve as basis for creation of new cosmetic products and BAAs, designed not only to improve skin health and safeguard it against harmful effect of ultra-violet lights, but also to protect us somehow from cardiovascular diseases, cancer and other health problems. Beyond that, thanks to high content of phytoestrogens, pomegranate can be used by women in premenopausal age as an alternative or addition to traditional hormonal treatment. Toxicity of pomegranate and its extracts is not high – it is confirmed by both the latest studies and millennial experience of applying pomegranate in medicine of various civilizations.

Let’s hope that, in the near future cosmetology and medicine can avail of benefits of pomegranate to the full extent.