pomegranate chairman

Chairman's address

Dear Colleagues! 

Agriculture is always in the center of attention as a priority sphere of the economy of country. Agriculture of Azerbaijan passed a long way of development as the important integral part of the economy of country. Special property relations formatted on land and fundamental changes occurred in agriculture in the result of agrarian reforms carried out by the initiative and directly with guidance of nationwide leader Haydar Aliyev in the middle of 90s. The care and attention of the nationwide leader to agrarian sphere of county, full execution of decrees signed by him are always under control of the President, Ilham Aliyev today. In accordance with the instruction and recommendation of dear Mr. President Ilham Aliyev, spherical associations were established in Azerbaijan and, one of them is Pomegranate Producers and Exporters Association of AzerbaijanThe practical result of this support is that Azerbaijan pomegranate has already taken its place in the international arena.

Azerbaijan possesses beautiful, rich nature. There are many useful, famous blessings in our country. One of these is pomegranate. Azerbaijan pomegranate is well-known all over the world. 

Pomegranate, which is considered to be "the king of all fruits" grows in the area, possessed a climate called as “continental climate” in Lowland region of Azerbaijan. The heat with plenty of sunshine during the day, the coolness of the cool wind from the Great Caucasian Mountains during the night contributed the most fascinating taste which can not find anywhere in the world, to our pomegranate. 

We can find pomegranate image in ornament and patterns which were selected for the originality of its elements, either in fashion, carpet weaving, or in painting and, in other types of art from the ancient times up to date,

From the day of its establishment PPEAA set a goal of promotion in a worthwhile way the pomegranate of Azerbaijan in the world. For this purpose, PPEAA gives its contribution for promotion of Azerbaijan pomegranate and pomegranate products in the most well-known exhibitions of the world. PPEAA plays a role of coordinator in the stage of pomegranate cultivation, agrotechnical care, product harvest, storage, studying of innovative irrigation systems and export to market with everyone from small farmers to great companies growing pomegranate within our country. Our Association provides free of charge service to farmers who wants to engage in pomegranate farming and supports to promotion of pomegranate under “Made in Azerbaijan” brand in world market. 

As it is known, apart from usage of pomegranate, its juice and pomegranate wine, the healing properties of its peel and seeds were known from ancient times. 

The presence of powerful antioxidants in its composition made pomegranate peel and seed to indispensable product in pharmacology and cosmetology. The production of these products in Azerbaijan is one of the main goals for PPEAA. 

Dear Producers and Exporters!

I invite each of you to be a member of our association, to support in growing of our delicious product, to make a joint effort for our product to hold its worthy place in foreign markets. 

 “Pomegranate Producers and Exporters Association of Azerbaijan”:                                               Farhad Garashov

Chairman of Public Union