1. The use of High Production Technologies in the pomegranate harvest
  2. Setting High Quality seedlings and supplying local farms by patented pomegranate products, exporting to the foreign markets
  3. Broad implementation of drip irrigation systems
  4. Doing agro-technical care through ecologically clean, High Quality technologies
  5. The transition to organic fertilization methods of pomegranate gardens with the use of efficient fertilization
  6. Implementation enlightening affairs for fight against pests
  7. Using advanced technology while harvesting, Prevention of product loss and completion in a short time
  8. Enlightenment measures on sorting, packaging, labeling after the harvest phase
  9. Assistance to pomegranate producers in obtaining the necessary documents and other certificates (Global GAP, Organic, Bio) for export
  10. Educational activities in logistics
  11. Providing technical support and organizing enlighten measures for quality maintenance of the product in the refrigerators
  12. Organizing specialization courses and work experience exchanges to increase the skills and knowledge of professionals in manufacturing and processing areas
  13. Establishment of cooperatives for permanent quality products, supplying for domestic and foreign markets and forming the brand Azerbaijan pomegranate and the sale of products under one brand